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How buySAFE Guaranteed Works


buySAFE enables merchants to provide a Guaranteed Shopping program to address the three primary concerns of online shoppers.

The Seal and Seal Rollover

A Persistent Seal is displayed throughout the website for increased buyer confidence.

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The buySAFE persistent seal and seal rollover enables merchants to build buyer confidence throughout the shopping experience. Increased buyer confidence translates into increases website conversion. Multiple versions, sizes and placements of the seal are available.

The Kickers

Additional graphical elements promote the free 3-in-1 Guarantee benefits to every buyer.

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Like a "free shipping" offer, merchandising the Guarantee throughout the website is critical to ensure every buyer knows a FREE 3-in-1 Guarantee will be included. The 3-in-1 Guarantee addresses each of the three top concerns consumers have with buying online. This increases confidence for buyers and sales for you. Many sizes, types, colors & designs of "Conversion Kickers" are available to choose from.

The Guarantee

For added value, each buyer automatically receives the free 3-in-1 Guarantee with their purchase

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On your Order Receipt Page, the buyer receives a Certificate of Guarantee (both online and via a one-time email) with a summary of the benefits you are providing. The Certificate of Guarantee proves you've gone the extra mile to provide your customers added confidence and value, helping build brand and buyer loyalty.


There are three easy steps to install – it takes less than 1 hour.

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Installation takes only 30 minutes! After you register with buySAFE, follow a simple, three-step process to copy and paste the code onto your site. Click here to see the full installation guide:


Thousands of merchants now use buySAFE Guaranteed to increase profits and buyer satisfaction.

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Over 25 million purchases have been buySAFE Guaranteed across more than 5,000 merchant websites. When shoppers feel confident, they become buyers. buySAFE Guaranteed increases website conversion, buyer loyalty, AOV and overall website profitability.

20x ROI

For every $1 invested, buySAFE guarantees a minimum return of $20 in additional sales.

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For merchants with sales over $100,000 a month, buySAFE will guarantee your sales increase. You'll earn at least $20 in additional sales for every $1 invested in buySAFE. To learn more, request a demo or call us at 1-800-926-6333.

What Merchants Say about buySAFE

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"Understanding buySAFE's positive impact on our business through rigorous A/B testing has enabled us to make an educated and well thought out decision"
Tena Crock, Online Marketing Director for Step2.
"In addition to the improved sales conversion, we were pleasantly surprised at the positive response we received from our customers"  Don Becklin, CEO of

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