Norton Shopping Guarantee

The Norton Shopping Guarantee is powered by BuySafe and still supported for existing customers and shoppers with the same great benefits.


Why Provide a Shopping Guarantee?

Providing a shopping guarantee on your ecommerce site is more than just a trust badge. It is a guarantee for shoppers that your business has been independently verified and you will abide by your purchase terms.


Accelerate your Sales

Shoppers that know they can trust your business are more likely to buy. Our shopping guarantee has proven to increase repeat buyers and conversion rates, resulting in an average return on investment of 20-1.


Show you are Trusted

The shopping guarantee is highlighted throughout your site with the strategic placement of trust badges at key shopper decision-making points.


Give your Customers Added Benefits

Customers receive three additional benefits from the BuySafe shopping guarantee with their purchase – identity theft protection, a purchase guarantee and a lowest-price guarantee. All benefits are good for 30 days and are paid out by BuySafe.


Compete with Big Retailers

Shoppers now demand fast customer support and A-to-Z guarantees delivered by big retailers wherever they shop online. Our third party shopping guarantee ensures shoppers they’ll receive the same great customer service and support.

Learn More

The Norton Shopping Guarantee was offered from fall 2014 and will be supported until the end of 2021. If you are a business interested in providing a shopping guarantee, learn more about BuySafe.