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Show your business is safe to purchase from by offering the buySAFE Shopping Guarantee.
We've Got You Covered buySAFE's mission is to increase trust and confidence online. buySAFE helps online businesses build trust and confidence with site visitors via its innovative 3rd party guarantee programs, which result in increased conversions, more repeat visitors and a better user experience.
buySAFE Shopping Guarantee
$10,000 Identity Theft Protection
If your identity is stolen or damaged, online or off, you'll have access to recovery services and be reimbursed for expenses up to $10,000 for costs like attorney fees, removing incorrect judgments, and disputing credit reports.
$1,000 Purchase Guarantee
If you do not receive the products or services ordered in accordance with the merchant's terms of service, we'll help to resolve the problem or issue you a refund up to $1,000.
$100 Lowest Price Guarantee
Online prices change all the time. If a merchant lowers the price of an item on their website, we'll refund you the difference, up to $100.