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BuySafe is an independent shopping guarantee, providing added protection for shoppers and instilling trust and confidence in online stores.

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Businesses partner with BuySafe to increase trust and confidence in their online store. Look for the BuySafe trustmarks and shop with confidence knowing the business is independently verified and your purchase is guaranteed.

Shopper benefits

Shoppers receive three benefits with every purchase from a BuySafe partner, free of charge.

If your shopper’s identity is stolen anywhere, we will provide access to identity recovery services, and reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for costs like attorney fees, removing criminal judgments, and disputing credit reports.

If your shopper does not receive the products or services ordered in accordance with your terms of service, we’ll help to resolve the problem or issue a refund up to $1,000.

If the price goes down on your site within 30 days of purchase, BuySafe will reimburse your shopper the difference, up to $100.

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A trusted partner

With over 15 years creating a trusted experience for online browsers and shoppers, BuySafe has you covered.

BuySafe powers DigitalTrust, a premium suite of tools to help website owners increase trust and achieve compliance on their sites. BuySafe also powers the Norton Shopping Guarantee.