Eliminate uncertainty in shoppers

BuySafe instills trust in shoppers through an online shopping guarantee that results in higher conversion rates and repeat buyers.


Accelerate your online sales

How it works

Display trustmarks throughout the shopper’s journey

The sitewide trustmark is shown in the bottom left or right-hand corner on all pages of your site. New visitors can shop with confidence knowing your site has been verified by a trusted third party.

The product page trustmark is shown on each product page, typically under the add to cart button. Showing a trustmark on product pages reinforce that you are a trusted merchant, encouraging the shopper to add products to their cart.

The cart page trustmark is shown on the cart page, typically under the checkout button. The cart trustmark is a critical shopper decision-making point, allowing them to easily access answers to questions that would make them hesitant to complete a purchase.

Provide easy access to information important to shoppers

Shoppers can easily access information that may influence their purchase decision by clicking on any of the BuySafe trustmarks.

Highlight your ratings and reviews, shipping and return policies, and customer support contact information on any page of your site.


Gather powerful insights into buyer behavior

Manage all guarantees issued, feedback from buyers and store information in a single, intuitive dashboard.


Offer a shopping guarantee

Your shoppers receive three additional benefits from the BuySafe shopping guarantee with their purchase, free of charge. All benefits are good for 30 days and are paid out by BuySafe. View terms and conditions.


$10,000 Identity Theft Protection

If your shopper’s identity is stolen anywhere, we will provide access to identity recovery services, and reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for costs like attorney fees, removing criminal judgments, and disputing credit reports.


$1,000 Purchase Guarantee

If your shopper does not receive the products or services ordered in accordance with your terms of service, we’ll help to resolve the problem or issue a refund up to $1,000.


$100 Lowest Price Guarantee

If the price goes down on your site within 30 days of purchase, BuySafe will reimburse your shopper the difference, up to $100.

Experts in ecommerce trust for over 15 years


monthly guarantees issued


annual trustmark views


guaranteed retail sales

Works on all platforms.

Install in minutes.

Your bottom-line benefits

  • Increased conversion rates

  • Reduced chargebacks

  • Increased average order size

  • Additional repeat buyers

  • Dedicated claims professionals

Thank you for providing this benefit. I hope that this will also be something that other internet sites start to provide in these times when one must be so careful. Keep up the good work and thank you for setting an example.

Linda W.

BuySafe Partner Customer

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A trusted partner

With over 15 years creating a trusted experience for online browsers and shoppers, BuySafe has you covered.

BuySafe powers DigitalTrust, a premium suite of tools to help website owners increase trust and achieve compliance on their sites. BuySafe also powers the Norton Shopping Guarantee.

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