How JBL saw 20:1 ROI with Norton Shopping Guarantee in less than 30 days.

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"People know the Norton brand and associate it with trust and security online. Shoppers need these reassurances and the stamp of approval coming from Norton means a lot."

Vishal Sagar, Senior Director Ecommerce & Digital at JBL
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JBL has brought music to life in a way people can feel for over 70 years. As a brand of Harman International, JBL provides premium speakers, headphones and professional sound equipment. Vishal Sagar, Senior Director, Ecommerce & Digital at JBL oversees all direct-to-consumer ecommerce operations for North America. Vishal focuses primarily on the JBL.com website, continually searching for ways to better serve their target market and generate revenue on the site.

When Vishal was introduced to the Norton Shopping Guarantee for JBL.com, he initially liked the brand recall Norton possesses…

“People know the Norton brand and associate it with trust and security online” says Vishal. “Shoppers need these reassurances and the stamp of approval coming from Norton means a lot.”

JBL’s global team invests heavily in website security. At the time, JBL had various security products, like SSL badges, displayed on their website. While it was important to have a secure site with encryption and SSL, Vishal knew there was an opportunity to explore additional website solutions that drive conversion rate.

When Norton Shopping Guarantee reached out to Vishal, the driving benefit of increased conversion rate through shopper trust resonated with him.

Company Profile

Site: www.jbl.com
Specialty: Premium & Professional Sound Equipment
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Employees : More than 650

Key Challenges

 – Increase shopper confidence and confidence
 – Increase conversion rate


Norton Shopping Guarantee


 – 3.39% increase in conversion rate
 – 83.4% of buyers feel more confident when making
   a purchase
 – 90.83% of buyers are likely to shop at the store again

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Conducting an effective A/B Test

JBL agreed to an A/B test to see the real results the shopping guarantee would have on JBL shoppers. Utilizing JBL’s website analytics platform and the Norton Shopping Guarantee technology, a test was set up for 30 days, showing half of JBL’s traffic Norton Shopping Guarantee and half of the traffic the site without Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Norton Shopping Guarantee’s data analyst then conducted a thorough quality assurance check, cleansing the results of any outliers, duplicate transactions or bot traffic. Learn more about how we run effective A/B tests for ecommerce websites.

JBL - Norton Shopping Guarantee - Desktop


The peace of mind that you can shop here confidently from Norton stood out. If you’re worried about privacy, price or receiving your purchase, there’s a guarantee for that.

Vishal Sagar
Senior Director, Ecommerce & Digital at JBL

Results of the A/B Test

After 30 days, the A/B test results revealed a 3.39% increase in conversion rate for the portion of shoppers who saw Norton Shopping Guarantee on JBL.com. In addition, 83.4% of customers said Norton Shopping Guarantee helped them feel more confident in their purchase and 90.83% said the guarantee makes them more likely to shop at this store again.

Shoppers rated their experience on JBL after receiving Norton Shopping Guarantee.

  • Ease of purchase: 4.79 / 5
  • Overall shopping experience: 4.75 / 5
  • Would you recommend this store to others? 4.73/ 5

Vishal recalls the implementation process as seamless. With just a snippet of code, JBL was up and running with Norton Shopping Guarantee. The trustmarks were placed on the bottom left-hand side of JBL.com and on the cart page so they have a high visibility while supporting their user-journey.

After over three years providing Norton Shopping Guarantee to their customers, Vishal reflected on the business relationship…
“We knew we’d see positive results from the
test, but building that confidence and trust was important to us too. We do have price changes, and consumers feel bad when they miss out on that sale. Within 30 days they can get that money back, which is pretty sweet for a consumer.

Since NSG funds it, these benefits are financially beneficial for the company. It’s a win-win for the company. I can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t use Norton Shopping Guarantee.”
Check out Norton Shopping Guarantee on JBL.com for guaranteed safe shopping.

Interested in increasing your online sales by offering a shopping guarantee? Get started with Norton Shopping Guarantee today at norton.buysafe.com or reach out to our team for a demo at sales@nortonshoppingguarantee.com.

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