press release Cooks Up a 7.5% Increase in Its Website Conversion with the buySAFE Program


Arlington, VA and Lafayette, IN (November 3, 2011) - buySAFE, Inc., a leading provider of conversion and customer satisfaction programs for internet retailers and and JL Hufford - Discover Gourmet, a leading internet retailer of gourmet food and beverage products at an affordable price, determined during an A/B test that buySAFE materially increased website conversion and sales while also improving the overall customer purchase experience.

JL Hufford utilized a split A/B testing methodology to objectively measure the conversion, sales and profit impact of using the buySAFE program. The results were convincing. By utilizing buySAFE, JL Hufford increased its order conversion rate by 7.5%. The test was conducted over a multi-week period. The results were highly statistically significant with tens of thousands of unique visitors included in the test.

"Shoppers have more choices than ever when purchasing online so we do everything possible to show our customers that we value their business and their trust by our firm commitment to customer service, website security, and high quality products." said Dana Stack, Owner of JL Hufford. "buySAFE is a perfect fit with our ideals. The A/B testing of the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee proved it makes sound fiscal sense, but even more importantly it proved that more of our shoppers became customers with the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee on our website."

"JL Hufford is an excellent example of an established business looking for ways to make their repeat customers continue to be comfortable purchasing from them and for shoppers new to their site to turn into repeat customers". added Jeff Grass, CEO of buySAFE, Inc. "The A/B testing proved the value the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee brings to an established merchant like JL Hufford and we look forward to be a partner of their for the next 20+ years."

About buySAFE
buySAFE, Inc. provides a transactional guarantee program for online merchants to increase profits and customer satisfaction. buySAFE is partnered with Liberty Mutual and Assurant Specialty Property. With over 5 billion online impressions of buySAFE each year and over 90 of the top 1,000 online merchant websites, buySAFE is widely recognized as an industry leader in providing its unique Guaranteed Shopping programs. buySAFE's investors include Grotech Ventures, Core Capital Partners, Symantec Corporation and The Hartford Financial Services Group.

About JL Hufford - Discover Gourmet
JL Hufford - Discover Gourmet was founded in 1991 by owners Joe and Wrena Hufford as JL Hufford Coffee & Tea Company after being inspired during a vacation to Seattle. In addition to their online business, their store in the Tippecanoe Mall in Lafayette, Indiana has been their brick-and-mortar coffee shop's permanent home for almost 20 years. Over the years the coffee business and product selection grew and in 2007 they made a commitment to expand into other gourmet areas including foods, kitchen electrics, and cooking tools. Their firm commitment to customer service, website security, and high quality products has led to many things that make JL Hufford unique. For more information, visit

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