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buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee - Benefits Terms and Conditions


What does the buySAFE Bonded Seal mean?

buySAFE has inspected this merchant, monitors their performance daily, and allows them to post the buySAFE Seal on their website. buySAFE Merchants are certified to be reliable, stable and able to fully perform on all their terms of sale. Wherever you see the buySAFE Seal, you can feel confident that you're shopping from one of the best merchants on the web.

What is a buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee?

buySAFE Merchants have partnered with buySAFE to provide their buyers with additional peace of mind when they make a purchase. When you buy from a buySAFE Bonded Merchant, you are provided an option – at your choice – to include a 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee with your purchase for added peace of mind. The 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee includes all of the following benefits:

  1. $25,000 Bonded Purchase Guarantee. Get what you paid for, or your money back. All the terms of sale for your purchase are guaranteed, including product authenticity, up to $25,000. Some restrictions apply...
  2. Identity Theft Protection. Comprehensive ID theft coverage for 30 days. Your identity is protected and you have access to free professional ID theft remediation services for the next 30 days. Coverage applies for all online and offline identity theft, wherever it occurs, up to $10,000. Some restrictions apply...
  3. Lowest Price Guarantee. If the same store's published price drops within 30 days, we'll pay you the difference, up to $100. Some restrictions apply...

To receive these benefits, your buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee must be authentic and valid. buySAFE reserves the right to require more information from you and/or the merchant in order to authenticate your buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee. All benefit claims must be made within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase in order to keep benefits, even if all the terms of sale are not yet fulfilled. Once a valid claim is made, coverage applies until the claim is resolved.

This is not a subscription service. It is a one-time charge at the time of purchase and there is nothing for you to cancel.

How do I activate my benefits?

  • The Identity Theft Protection benefit is activated automatically: You need to register with buySAFE within 30 days of your eligible purchase to make a claim.
  • The Purchase Guarantee is automatic. If you have a problem with your transaction within 30 days of your purchase, visit buySAFE and register to make a benefit claim.
  • For Low Price Guarantee benefit claims, if within 30 days of the date of your purchase you see the exact same product advertised on the same buySAFE merchant's website at a lower published retail price, buySAFE will refund you the difference. Note: Items purchased through specific promotions, bundling arrangements, or coupons are not eligible for the Lowest Price Guarantee. See our terms for the full eligibility conditions.


The following terms apply to the buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee benefits:

$25,000 Purchase Guarantee

The Purchase Guarantee ensures that if the merchant does not perform according to its terms of sale, and you (the buyer) Report a Problem Transaction at within 30 days from the date of purchase, and, after exhausting the Dispute Resolution Process via Report a Problem Transaction, there is no resolution, then buySAFE Bonding partners or buySAFE Claim Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of buySAFE, ("BCS") will, in its discretion, make a determination as to whether the terms of sale were fulfilled. If the claim is resolved in your (the buyer's) favor, buySAFE will reimburse you (the customer) the amount of the direct loss, not to exceed $25,000.

The bonded purchase guarantee is provided via buySAFE's bonding partner, Liberty Mutual (Or by buySAFE Claim Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of buySAFE -"BCS"- for non US residents). A sample bond form with all the coverage terms follows:


30 day Identity Theft Protection

30 day Identity Theft Protection terms:

Each time you receive a 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee, when purchasing from an online buySAFE Merchant, you automatically receive identity theft protection benefits for 30 days. You can receive this additional benefit only once in any 30 day period. U.S.-based shoppers only are eligible for these benefits.

Identity Theft Protection benefits:


If you become a victim of identity theft, you are assigned a dedicated ID Recovery Specialist who assists to restore your name and credit as quickly as possible.

Your Investigator:
  • Secures a 3-in-1 credit report from the three national credit repositories (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), performs continuous credit monitoring until an "all clear" is obtained
  • Thoroughly manages the complex restoration process
  • Helps prepare needed documents on your behalf, including FTC affidavits and dispute letters
  • Acts on your behalf with creditors and relevant agencies
  • Sends fraud alert notifications to all three national credit repositories, the Social Security Administration, FTC, US Postal Service, affected credit card companies, financial institutions, and more!
You have two options with the dedicated identity restoration resources. Without additional cost, you can select the option that is best for you. The Enhanced Restoration Option requires that you sign a Limited Power of Attorney. If you prefer not to provide a Limited Power of Attorney, you are still entitled to the Basic Counseling Services that provide you with the information you will need to take action independently.


Reimbursement up to $10,000. Financial reimbursements are made with no deductible. These expense reimbursement benefits provide for costs attributed to identity fraud, embezzlement, theft, data breach and stolen identity event or forgery, and cover expenses such as:

  • Attorney fees incurred for defending suits brought by merchants and their collection agencies,
  • Removing criminal or civil judgments
  • Disputing information in a credit report
  • Lost base wages (limited within 12 months after discovery of an identity fraud)
  • Time off from work to handle the fraud, including wrongful incarceration
  • Loan re-application fees when identity theft causes original loan applications to be rejected
  • Notary and certified mailing charges for completing or delivering affidavits and related documents.
Financial Reimbursement is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, in Minnesota by American Security Insurance Company pursuant to an identity fraud blanket or group policy issued to Consumer Assist Network Association, Inc.
American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, American Security Insurance Company and Consumer Assist Network Association, Inc. are all Assurant Specialty Property companies.

During the 30 day eligibility period, you can activate this benefit at any time by accessing the buySAFE dashboard (You will be required to create a Shopping Guarantee account to claim this benefit).


Lowest Price Guarantee terms

What is the buySAFE Lowest Price Guarantee?

If within 30 days of the date you purchase a product covered by a buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee, you see the exact same product advertised on the same buySAFE merchant's website at a lower published retail price, buySAFE will refund you the difference. It's that simple!
To get paid for the published retail price difference, simply provide your buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee number, your order confirmation email and a proof of the lower price advertised on the website, and buySAFE will send you a check for the price difference (See more details for claim process below). Some terms and conditions apply, see below.


Each time you receive a 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee from buySAFE, you automatically receive the Lowest Price Guarantee benefits for 30 days. Please retain your 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee number which you will receive by email from buySAFE immediately after your purchase.


During the 30 day eligibility period, you can claim a Lowest Price Guarantee benefit at any time if the price of a buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guaranteed item has dropped.
The buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee must be valid and you must be a registered buySAFE user (Click here to register with buySAFE).

To activate a Lowest Price Guarantee, you will need to submit a claim to buySAFE. A claim must include the following:

Proof of guarantee:
Your buySAFE 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee number and your email address used during the transaction. The buySAFE guarantee number is provided to you on the order confirmation page. You can also access your existing bonded purchase(s) when you login to your buySAFE account (you will need to register with buySAFE first).
Details about the transaction:
Website where purchase was made, date of purchase, amount, description of your purchase and item SKU (This information is typically included in the purchase confirmation email you received from the merchant).
Proof of lower price:
We recommend you send us a screenshot and the URL of the same item you purchased, showing the new price (We do not accept printed materials, or emails as proof of lower price).

All claims must be made by sending an email to Our staff will verify your claim within 2 working days. We reserve the right to contact you and the merchant in order to get more information.


a. Buyer must meet eligibility requirements: Each time the buyer receives a 3-in-1 guarantee from buySAFE when purchasing from a buySAFE GUARANTEED merchant, buyer automatically receives the Low Price Guarantee benefits for 30 days. The buyer must keep the guarantee number displayed in the order confirmation page of the merchant website. During the 30 day eligibility period, you can claim a Low Price Guarantee benefit at any time if the price of the exact same item you purchased is displayed on the merchant website you purchased your item has dropped. The buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee must be valid and you must be a registered buySAFE user (Click here to register with buySAFE).

b. Customer must make a claim following the instructions above in "CLAIM". buySAFE will review such claim for completeness and legitimacy, and, if approved, will make payment directly to customer.

c. buySAFE Low Price Guarantee is available only as follows:

i. for a claim greater than $5, up to $100 per transaction and up to a maximum of $200 per claimant in any twelve-month period;
ii. only the purchaser of the original item, to whom the buySAFE GUARANTEED certificate of guarantee was provided at the time of sale, may submit a claim;
iii. Claimant must register with buySAFE in order to submit a claim;
iv. the claim must be filed within 30 days of the original date of purchase;
v. The price reduction that is the subject of the claim must pertain to the same item SKU being offered for sale on the same merchant's website, on the same merchant terms and conditions.
vi. The Price Guarantee will not apply to any item purchased for which a volume discount, a coupon, a bundling arrangement (eg: two-for-one), a customer rebate, an inventory liquidation, "Closeout Sale", "going out of business", "free offer", "CyberMonday", "Deal of the Day" promotion or other similar special promotional pricing mechanism is applied to the original purchase or the proof of lower price submission.
vii. Shipping, handling, taxes, surcharges, and any other similar fees will be excluded from determination of any claim;
viii. No claims may arise from a currency fluctuation; all claims will be reviewed in US dollar terms as priced on the merchant website.
ix. Price Guarantee will not apply to partial, incomplete or cancelled orders, or to any order that is otherwise disputed by either party.
x. Items not eligible for a Price Guarantee are: one-of-a kind items (including antiques, artwork, rare coins and furs); limited edition items; going-out-of-business sale items; services and additional costs (such as installation charges, warranties, shipping, or memberships); used, altered, rebuilt and refurbished items; custom-built items; land and buildings; firearms; ammunition; negotiable instruments (such as promissory notes, stamps and travelers checks); items provided under a leasing arrangement, cash and its equivalent. Normally, items that do not have a standard SKU will not be eligible for Price Guarantee.
xi. For ticket purchases, such as sporting events, shows, concerts, etc., the price reduction subject to claim must be for the same; date and time, show, venue, quantity of tickets and section. Seats must be in the same section and in the same row or lower.
xii. buySAFE or BCS will be the final arbiter of all claims under the Lowest Price Guarantee, and all claim determinations will be final.



If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQs or e-mail us directly at

January 28th, 2015

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