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Getting Started

BuySafe enables the best online merchants to provide their Shoppers an independently guaranteed shopping experience for total peace of mind over their purchase. BSG builds shopper confidence at the most critical moments in online shopping, so they buy more and more often.

When Shoppers buy from your store with BuySafe, they will receive

Identity Theft Protection
Identity Theft Protection
Purchase Guarantee
Purchase Guarantee
Lowest Price Guarantee
Lowest Price Guarantee
- $10,000 Identity Theft Protection
Receive comprehensive assistance and financial coverage if your identity is stolen anywhere online or offline.
- $1,000 Purchase Guarantee
All terms (returns, refunds, shipping, etc) are independently guaranteed.
- $100 Lowest Price Guarantee
If the published store price drops, we will pay Shopper the difference, up to $100.

In order to enable this service, you need to setup your store. Click here for more info about store setup.

Store Set Up

Setting up BuySafe would require you successfully install seal code and guarantee code on your website.

Seal Code
A persistent seal is docked in the lower left or right hand corner of the screen to alert customers of the BSG program. It is visible on all pages. This is our most recognizable BSG graphic.
The seal code must be placed in the footer of your website.
Guarantee Code
The Guarantee code must be placed on order confirmation page. This will enable to show a notification that the shopper order is guaranteed.
Click here for instructions to install your code.

Installation Help

Shopper Engagement

When you have successfully installed the Guarantee code on your store, Shoppers have the ability to send thank you notes and rate their experience.
Thank You Notes
Believe it or not your customers truly appreciate the shopping guarantee. Every time a customer sends you a thank you, you can view it in your dashboard! Your customers are given 2 ways to send you with a quick “thanks” for providing BSG.
  1. There is a link on the notification of the order confirmation page. Click here to view a sample notification.
  2. In the certificate of guarantee email. Click here to view a sample YTIG email.
With BuySafe on your online store, shoppers are able to rate their ease of purchase, overall shopping experience, and whether or not they would recommend this store to others. Ratings are only available on certain versions of BSG.
Once a shopper has placed an order on your website, we ask a series of voluntary feedback questions via our Guarantee Notification. Here is where you can see your customers’ feedback related to BuySafe. Feedback consists of 2 questions:
  1. Did the free Guarantee help you feel more confident in your purchase?
  2. And Does the Guarantee make you more likely to shop at this store again?