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The buySAFE Trading Assistant Bond Program
For eBay Trading Assistants who want to:
  • Beat the competition & increase revenue
  • Attract more valuable consignment merchandise
  • Appear first in TA search as a featured Trading Assistant
  • Meet eBay’s REDOL insurance requirement for carrying a $25,000 bond
the problem

Not everyone feels completely safe dropping off expensive merchandise with a Trading Assistant (TA) or Registered eBay Drop Off Location (REDOL). Many state legislatures have responded to this need by proposing new laws that require TAs to become licensed and/or bonded and eBay now requires it for REDOLS.

how it works
how it works


To be eligible for the buySAFE Trading Assistant Bond, you must pass the comprehensive buySAFE Business Inspection (apply here) and become a buySAFE Bonded Merchant.

the cost

The buySAFE Trading Assistant Bond is a blanket bond that covers all consignors up to an aggregate amount of $25,000. This protection costs $250 for 1 full year of coverage.

why buySAFE and Liberty Mutual?

buySAFE is the leading e-commerce bonding service, used by the most experienced and professional online merchants. Our bonding partner Liberty Mutual is a leading global insurer and Fortune 500 Company with over $70 billion in assets.

Consignors can feel comfortable giving their merchandise to a Trading Assistant who is bonded and is meeting eBay’s REDOL insurance requirements.

how do i apply to be bonded?

If you are already an approved buySAFE Bonded Merchant contact customersupport@buysafe.com or call 1.888.926.6333 and ask to purchase a Trading Assistant Bond.

apply now

Once you have completed the application someone from buySAFE will contact you for your account orientation. Please let them know you would like to purchase a Trading Assistant Bond at this time.


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